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It's a Yard Party, LLC™

02. Personalized Greeting (Outdoor Traditional Yard Staking)

02. Personalized Greeting (Outdoor Traditional Yard Staking)

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Our Yard Card Greeting is a great way to celebrate your loved ones and any special occasion. Each install is uniquely designed to reflect your loved one's interests, the party theme or any details provided. We take pride in making our client's and honorees feel special. Are you congratulating your loved one, welcoming a new baby, or just have something special to say, then this option is for you? 

Personalized Greeting Package Includes:

Customized greeting message (Sweet 16, Welcome Home, It's a Boy/Girl, ect.)


Special Interest 


Color Scheme 

 Please note you do not have to select from the displayed images. The images are provided to give you an idea of our quality of work. All of our yard signs are uniquely customized based on the details provided. Please fill out the order form so that we can design the perfect yard card greeting. 

This sign is staked in the grass. 

Please note we have options for non-grass areas. 

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